We Will Create the Company

Hi, My name is Abe Anidjar. I am a founder of Web Team Management, Inc. formerly located in New York City and now headquartered in NJ.

Rather than reading this in technical text, I will submit this:

Running a marketing agency for over a decade has given me the opportunity the gift of creating or catalyzing successful businesses and it's a contribution to our global well being.

Opening a business has about 9 or 10 critical components to get off the ground. Really, only 3 or 4 make the difference. But sometimes looking at so many variables in 1 thought present the feelings of lack of confident responsibility. It starts with the factor of the "how do I open up a company."

We can go over these components by phone, but what I came to realize is that it is a boilerplate process. If any person has a product or service that is a "want" it is possible to sell.


This is not a Shark Tank

1. We will create, manage, publish and purchase the website.
2. We will create the physical domain of the business telecommunications.
3. We will market/promote your product.

1. Have a sell-able product or service
2. Work the product chain and production.
3. Utilize your resources to execute deliverables.

Transparency and Trust is a Must.

Any company we create, we put our livelihoods on the line and put in amplified output and we are selective with whom we partner up with on any type/sort of project....

  • Start-Up Companies
  • Independent Contractors
  • Home Improvement
  • Hair and Spa
  • Web design Agencies
  • Computer and Technology
  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing Companies

All projects types have different terms


1. Referrals
2. Partnership/ownerships
3. Delayed reimbursement of expenses
4. Company acquisition of sale upon setup
5. Independent Contractorship relationship
6. and the list goes on...

The only way to procure the right profile is to have a brainstorming session and to meet visually.

Kindest regards,
From the desk of Allen Anidjar

We Create Companies grow in the Metro Area

Our consultants guide you throughout the whole process from start to finish by providing you all the necessary forms, Gov. websites to register with, referring you to the right professionals, and to partner you up with our sister companies for all the resources to create your corporate identity

A Niche good or service is a product or service that appeals to a specific market subgroup. A typical niche product will be easily distinguished from other products, and it will also be produced and sold for specialized uses within its corresponding niche market.

– Write a one-page business plan. …
– Decide on a budget. …
– Decide on a legal entity. …
– Take care of the money. …
– Get your website. …
– Test sales..

Starting a small business is a rather straightforward process. It’s not necessary to shell out hundreds of dollars to pay a lawyer to create your business for you. In most states, a few forms and less than $200 in fees usually is all it takes to hang out your shingle as a small-business owner..

Once you find the right Web designer that you think you can have a partnership with, the next step is to let him or her know the direction of your business strategy.

In the grand scheme, Internet marketing are promotional strategies and tactics you use online to reach your home business’ target market. .